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  • Author of Mirrors for the Classroom : A Guide to Observation Techniques for Teachers and Supervisors, Seventh Edition. Nashua, NH: Rivier College, 2006.
  • Author of Earth's Geography, and Environment, a middle school geography text. Evanston, Illinois: MacDougal, Littel and Co., 1991.
  • Co-author with B. Armbruster and V. R. Rogers, Ginn Social Studies, a series of eight textbooks for grades K-7. Lexington, MA: Silver Burdett and Ginn, Inc. 1987.
  • Co-author with J. Buggey, G. Danzer, and F. Risinger, America ! America!, a middle school American history text. Glenview, Illinois: Scott, Foresman and Co., 1977. Revised second edition, 1987.
  • Author of America ! America! Workbook. Glenview, Illinois: Scott, Foresman and Co., 1982.
  • Author of Teaching and Learning, A Ginn Occasional Paper. Lexington, MA: Ginn and Company, 1987.
  • Author/Narrator, "Developing Social Studies Concepts," "Learning How to Learn," "Enriching the Social Studies," People and Their Heritage Video Inservice Education Workshops (PATH VIEWS) videotapes and leaders' guides for use in the U. S. Department of Defense Schools in Europe. Lexington, MA: Ginn and Co., 1983.
  • Author of "Generating a Valid and Reliable Rating Scale for the Assessment of Teaching Performance" in The Improvement of Local Staff Evaluation and Supervision. Boston, MA: Massachusetts Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1981.
  • Author of "The Nature and Purposes of Social Studies" in Education in the '80s: Social Studies. (Edited by Jack Allen) Washington, D.C.: National Education Association, 1980.
  • Author and general editor, "Hopi Indian Family," "Ashanti Family of Ghana," "Japanese Family," "Russian Family in Moscow," "Kibbutz Family in Israel," "Family of Early New England," "Contrasting Communities in the United States," "The People of Paris," and "Early California Gold Mining Camp," The Family of Man Social Studies Program, a multimedia program for the elementary school. Newton, MA: Selective Educational Equipment (SEE), Inc., 1971-1977.
  • Co-author with B. J. Capron, Successful Models and Materials for Elementary Social Studies. Boulder, CO: ERIC/CHESS, 1976.
  • Co-author with P. Cleary and S. Madison, Study America, An American Studies Program. New York : Bantam Books, 1976.
  • Editorial Consultant, The Social History of the United States (sound filmstrip series). New York: Learning Corporation of America, 1975.