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Before closing, let me add that Dr. Charles Mitsakos remains highly respected by former and present graduate and undergraduate students, colleagues, and administrators.  As Chair of his Division, he has given concrete evidence of total commitment to the mission of Rivier College and of the Education Department.

My closing wish is that Dr. Mitsakos who has had such a varied background in bringing students to become leaders in learning and teaching will be given the opportunity to share his PASSION and wealth of information so as to continue preparing Leaders for the Future of Our Schools.

Sister Mary Jane Benoit, Ph.D. - Director of Graduate Elementary Program
Rivier College

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I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Charles Mitsakos. I first met Dr. Mitsakos almost 30 years ago when i was young administrator in the Nashua School District. Dr. Mitsakos had been contracted as a consultant to assist the District in implementing a comprehensive formative teacher observation and evaluation model. Dr. Mitsakos delivered a series of highly effective workshops that resulted in Nashua completely redesigning and rethinking their teacher observation and professional development model.

Richard LaSalle's

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I first met Dr. Mitsakos when I applied for admission into Rivier College’s graduate program in 2000. After meeting with him the first time, Dr. Mitsakos was able to direct me to a course of study that I had not anticipated reaching for. The following three years I studied under his watchful eye, and received my CAGS in Leadership and Learning. During that time Dr. Mitsakos was a teacher, advisor and confidante to me. Just this past year I completed my certification as a school superintendent, again under his supervision. Words cannot express all that I learn from him. My skills as a school leader are directly connected to my relationship with him. He is always willing to talk through issues with me at any time, support me when I need it, and listen when I have to talk. Few people have affected my life in this way. His talents in working with people go beyond the classroom walls.

Janet C. Valeri - Principal
Ledge Street School

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